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Bob Rigel: News/Info

Headshot Demo CD Is Finally FInished! - July 30, 2011

It's been a long drawn out process, but the "Headshot Demo CD" had finally been mixed, EQ'd, polished, re-polished, re-polished again and finally mastered. There were a few set backs and delays in the project, but we think we have a pretty good product; and that is, a good representation of the Headshot machine. Go to my "Music" page on this website and scroll down to "Headshot Demo CD" for the seven selections we've chosen to help portray the Headshot experience. Or, just go to the Flash Player at the bottom of the screen and scroll through the selections to find the Headshot songs, located from #8 through #14, and just play the songs from there. Please let us know what you think. We'll be using copies of the CD for promotional purposes and we'll be bringing some copies to our shows for distribution to our loyal fans!!

Rock-On people!



Over the past two weeks, the members of the Headshot team has "morphed" my basement into an audio engineering/recording studio. Granted, a section of my "downstairs" is already an existing studio ...small, cozy and equipped. But to produce a professional recording of the band ...a live representation with high quality that is, took some additional equipment, expansion, some isolation and plenty of technical expertise. Check out these pics:



First off, we had to turn my office space into the "engineering room". We temporarily installed our 16 channel mixer and processiong rack, our 16 channel recording console and powered play-back monitors on my desk. This worked out well, because this area of my basement is completely seperated from my studio. We ran all the necessary cabling from my office area over to the studio room.



Drum mics, base rig effects and direct patches were all routed out to the mixing console in the next room.




We set up the studio as an isolation booth for the drums. But in actuallity we played and recorded "live". The drum mics were the only mics in the studio. The bass was routed direct, and my guitar rig was isolated in yet another room. All signals were patched back to us (the musicians) in the studio (pictured above) via headphones.




My guitar rig was isolated in my "wash/furnace room". We ran the signals just as we do when we play live gigs. The Flextone and the Marshall are run in parallel to two seperate channels on the mixer, mixed, and sent to the recorder on one channel.

We played our song selections "live" just as we would at a gig. The three of us huddled up in the studio and played the songs as we do on stage. The resulting recording is an honest production and representation of our band as we sound live, but in a controlled environment.



Keith handled mixing and recording in the "Control Room".



Blaine workin' out some "basic" details...


... A little bit of patch work and discussion ...Hey ...we gotta listen to this shit...


...And we gotta talk about it ...


...Cause this is serious shit you know....



Tom layin' down some vocal tracks...


Bob layin' down some vocal tracks...


Headshot was basically just jammin' in the studio, pretty much like we do live...





The sessions were a lot of fun and we recorded a substantail amount of material in a fairly short time. Next is EQ, mix down and mastering. We'll have a new Demo CD before you know it!

"HEADSHOT" - October 9, 2009

It's official. "Headshot" is now the confirmed new name for the new project that Blaine Wyzer, Tom Dawes and I recently put together. Known recently as "That Damn Jam Band" at a Labor Day party earlier this year, we decided to get (sort of) serious about a "real" name for the band.

Totally submerged in the blues, we quite often find ourselves ripping into some righteous rock-n-roll and even some contemporary rock as well. There is no doubt that having a good time is at the top of our agenda while delivering live, honest, raw blues and rock-n-roll music. I am in the process of putting together a promotional package and will be pushing for some gigs in the York, PA and surrounding areas real soon. "Stay tuned" to this site for future "Headshot" shows on my Calandar pages!


That Damn Jam Band - September 9, 2009

We don't really have a name for this project yet, but this three piece band is really coming together quickly. Tom Dawes and Blain Wyzer on drums and bass respectively, kick major ass. I call them the rhythm section from hell. Tom contacted me on Scrapplehead suggesting that we get together and jam, ... and jam we did! With only two practices, we went out and played a Labor day party gig which turned out to be a great success! Our main genre is definitely the blues, but we plan on doing other types of stuff too. No matter what kind of music we do, it will always be a guaranteed a jam!

Stay tuned for future developements! This band is hot!


TAXI Critiques - July 12, 2009


T.O.E. Jam

I Just received my review from TAXI regarding my song "T.O.E. Jam". Sadly, this one did not fare as well as "Johny Please" did in my October review from TAXI. I was complemented on my guitar playing and the blues format of the song, but that was about the best of the review:

"Shredding lead guitar here Bob. Nice work. Song works fine in terms of standard blues structure. Vocals are really hard to hear, couldn't pick-up on the lyrics at all."

I'm glad they liked the guitar work because by the time I was finished recording that song, my left hand, arm and fingers were so sore, I thought they were going to drop off. Maybe it's a good thing that TAXI couldn't "pick-up" on the lyrics because the song is actually about physics, frequencies, time distortion, extra dimensions and a bunch of science stuff like that. Probably not appealing or appreciated by most blues listeners. I admit, it's a weird combination of blues guitar and Einstien's Theory of Relativity, but it was sort of a ... musical science experiment. And incidentally, the "T.O.E." acronym stands for "the Theory Of Everything".

Some other comments stated that the "guitar was too loud", and the drums were "too stiff and mechanical". I totally agree with the guitar being too loud, but by the time I realized that fact, the CD was already in production. I can't help the drums sounding stiff, that's just how I play, especially on my electronic drum kit. But for future reference, I may try using an acoustic drum set or maybe hire a drummer for a different feel.

TAXI's constuctive review will help me on future projects to concentrate on my weaknesses in writing and recording. Overall scoring for "T.O.E. Jam" was above average musicianship, average song writing and vocals, and below average engineering. "T.O.E Jam" didn't get a bad review, it just didn't get a great one. I generally hope for the best, but I'll take what I can get, and learn from it.

"T.O.E. Jam" to me was one of the most fun songs to record on "String Theory". Most of the guitar solos were spontaneous and the clapping, chanting and soulful vocals at the end of the song made for some great memories around the microphones in the studio. I had a blast putting this one together because after all, the song really is a "Jam" session!


Two new Songs! - April 25, 2009

I've recently added two brand spankin' new songs to my website! "Fly Away" and "Dreams".

"Fly Away" was very much a spontaniously written song. It was one of those songs that just "pop out" once in a while. It hit me square in the head, so I ran right to my studio and recorded it. I hope you like it!

"Dreams" was written by Danny DeCricio and me back in 1995 while we were performing together in the band "Legacy". I wrote and arranged the music in it's entirety and gave it to Danny and said, "Hey Danny, here's a song I threw together. Put some words to it." He came back to me about two hours later with the lyrics and said, "Here you go, let's try it!" So we put it together and it sounded great! Our fans loved it when we played it live! I hope you love too!

Please give these songs a listen and tell me what you think. I really appreciate your feedback.


New CD on the Horizon - March 30, 2009

New Tunes In The Oven!

I've been working hard in the studio the past few weeks on some new material for a second CD. So far I've got four songs that are near completion. When I get them finished and copyrighted, I'll post them here on this site for review. One song is a Heavy Metal ballad that I co-wrote with Danny DeCriscio which we named "Dreams". Another tune called "The Arrival" is a heavy rock/blues type piece. Think Hendrix or Robin Trower. Thirdly is a "Floydish" type guitar oriented instumental I've dubbed "Blue Marble". My fourth composition is a contemporary style rock tune very heavy on three and four part vocal harmonies. This one I call "Fly Away". I've got more than enough material written for another CD and I'm extremely anxious to get this stuff recorded and pressed! More on all of this at a later date. Please "stay tuned"!



TAXI Critiques - October 9, 2008


String Theory Bob Rigel

Johny Please

Recently I have had the honors of having one of my songs reviewed by the leading independent A & R Company TAXI. Here are some of the things they had to say referencing the song "Johny Please":

"Bob- You have some well written lyrics and melodies. The vocal performance is strong- You have an interesting and distinctive voice. The guitar solo is impressive and there are some interesting piano parts ..." To be honest, I really wasn't expecting such positive feedback. I thought maybe an average review at the most. Here are some other comments included in the report:

"The chorus really stands out from the verse and is memorable." "The song flows well." "The lyrics are good- they work well with the melody." "Good title- represents the song well." TAXI's overall rating of "Johny Please" included high scores in Music, Lyrics, Marketability and Arrangement.

 I must admit, the critique and report results were well beyond my expectations. I'm feeling pretty good about it! Below is a list of "Johny Please" strong points indicated by TAXI:

  • Good music in verses
  • Good music in choruses
  • Memorable "hook"
  • Well written structure
  • Good sectional contrast
  • Cohesive lyrics
  • Communicates emotion to the listener
  • Vocals help to sell the song


String Theory CD - September 30, 2008

String Theory CD Front Cover

My new CD release "String Theory" is now available. This is my first solo project which all selections were written, performed, and produced by me (Bob Rigel). Tammi Rigel performed lead and backing vocals on "I'm O.K.", "Johny Please", "Time Rules the World", and "T.O.E. Jam". Leah Rigel and friends provided backing vocals and hand claps on "T.O.E. Jam". Music genre consist of various rock and blues styles. "String Theory" photography and artwork by Victorian Photography, Jay Maddux, and Bob Rigel.

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